Online Course

Acknowledging the problem

Academic institutions are progressively becoming more aware of their responsibility to provide an effective education for students of color. These institutions recognize the existence of systemic racism and its impact on the academic success of students of color. The challenge, however, is how to address this problem.

One approach is for the academic institution to address the individual biases of its educators toward students of color.
These individual biases are often not recognized, play a major role in discriminatory assumptions about students of color, affect daily interactions with these students and ultimately result in racial microaggressions.

Taking the first step towards change

A change in the behavior of educators can only be brought about by a change in their thought process. The first step is recognizing the existence of unconscious biases and the discriminatory assumptions caused by those biases. Only through recognition can an educator begin to understand how their biases impact the academic success of students of color.

With this understanding, educators can recognize when and how racial microaggressions occur and how to eliminate their impact on the academic performance of students of color. By doing so, educators can assist the academic institution in breaking down systematic racism.

A research-based solution

This online course is based on extensive research on the impact of racial microaggressions on students of color. Research demonstrates that the unconscious bias of educators can have a deleterious effect on their academic achievements. However, that same research shows that once these unconscious biases are recognized, educators can better modify their interactions with students of color to ensure their academic success.

The Addressing Racial Microaggressions Online Course is unique, in that it provides tools that assist educators, professors, and administrators in identifying unconscious biases and eliminating their impact on the effectiveness in teaching students of color. It also includes unique pedagogical strategies proven to minimize the prevalence of racial microaggressions within the classroom.

If you are committed to providing the best possible education for all your students, regardless of their race, join the online program to ensure that you possess the right tools.

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